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The City Episode ♯2.

Ep. 2 'The Truth Will Reveal Itself'

Whitney meets for lunch with Alex, a model who she had previously gone on a date with during one of her trips east with People's Revolution. Hills fans will remember that the second time she saw Alex, after a fashion show they worked together before her move, she blew him off for Jay, who she's been with ever since.
Whitney apologizes to Alex for leaving him that night and tells him that she's been seeing Jay. Alex admits that while he was a bit hurt, that's not why he's invited Whitney out for lunch. He goes on to tell her that his roommate is friends with Jay's ex-girlfriend, Danielle. According to what Alex has heard, Jay recently told Danielle that he wasn't seeing Whitney anymore and that the exes spent the night together. Whitney is visibly upset by the story, but tells Alex that she has to decide who she's going to trust.
Back at Erin's apartment, Whitney recaps what Alex told her. She tells Erin that the story made her heart sink to her stomach and that she isn't sure who to trust. Whitney decides she's going to talk to Jay about it and let him know that she may be new to the city, but that she's not that naïve.
While playing basketball in Central Park, Adam asks Jay whether he plans to stop seeing other people as things get more serious with Whitney. They discuss timing for such a conversation and agree that neither would want to be the one in the relationship to bring it up.
When Olivia goes out to dinner with her cousin, Nevan, they discuss Whitney, who Nevan advises Olivia to take her under her wing. Olivia concurs and tells him that she'll bring Whitney with her to the Manolo Blahnik event she's attending at Bergdorf Goodman.
Whitney meets up with Jay at Café Noir to discuss the story he heard from Alex at lunch. Jay explains his side of the story: Danielle approached him to talk and that he got a cab home for her, not that he went home with her. He swears to Whitney that he's telling the truth and even offers to call Danielle to confirm his story. Whitney contemplates the offer, but decides that a phone call isn't necessary.
Whitney and Olivia arrive at Bergdorf Goodman's for the Manolo Blahnik event. Olivia mentions that the famed shoe designer is a family friend. Whitney is excited to purchase her first pair of Manolo's and Olivia tells her about the first pair she wore at her debutante ball when she was 18. While waiting in line for their shoes to be signed, Whitney and Olivia spot Samantha (Sami) and say their hellos. When Whitney lets Manolo Blahnik know that these are her first pair of his shoes, he assures her they won't be her last. Meanwhile, Olivia recounts the story of her first pair as Whitney and Sami exchange amused looks.
Looking forward to a respite from drama, Whitney and Erin make plans for a night out on the town. The plan is to meet up with Jay, Adam and Allie, Adam's girlfriend, for a "fun night of nothingness." Despite the best intentions, drama seems determined to stake its claim on Whitney's night. The gang notice that at the same bar is Alex and his roommate Shannon, wgho are surprised to see Jay and Whitney together. When Alex says he can't believe that Whitney is still with him, Shannon urges him to go over and say something to Whitney.
Alex approaches Whitney and Jay and leans in toward the group. Jay asks Alex whether he has something to say to him. The two guys step up to each other and Alex accuses Jay of taking advantage of Whitney. As Alex and Jay go back and forth, Shannon (Alex's roommate) starts talking to Whitney. She tells Whitney that Alex was telling her the truth and that everyone in the city knows about what's going on, and that she just wanted Whitney to know that "her boyfriend" is cheating on her.
Alex and Jay continue to go at it. When it finally seems as though the two are headed back to their corners, Jay tells Adam to take care of Alex. When Alex steps up to Adam, Whitney gets in the middle and tells the guys it's not worth it and they back down.
The next day, Whitney meets up with Jay. When Whitney notices and points out that Jay isn't in a good mood, Jay admits he isn't and comments that the night before was intense. Whitney tells Jay that she doesn't understand why Alex and his roommate care so much and want to get involved in her life.
Later, Whitney stops by People's Revolution to visit her former boss, Kelly Cutrone. Kelly is happy to see Whitney and says that she always likes to see how her former employees are doing after they've moved on. She tells Whitney that she's always available if Whitney needs a recommendation for a doctor, a good dry cleaner, personal advice ... anything! Relieved to be talking to someone that she knows and trusts, she tells Kelly all about the saga of Alex and Jay. When she says she just doesn't know who to trust -- Alex or Jay -- Kelly puts another spin on it: maybe Whitney can't trust either of them.

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